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The Full Story

About US

We are an innovative firm specializing in Engineering, Consulting, Project Management, and Business Support services.

In summary, we are a locally typical African firm with international expertise to support the transformation of African SMEs.

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OUR Mission

We're committed to supporting startups offering high-value solutions that benefit our clients and our own growth.We understand that global business dynamics demand a borderless approach.

We break down barriers to empower your business to thrive and innovate.

OUR Vision

At KATSU, we transform dreams into action, believing that every business, irrespective of its sector, is built upon ideas and vision. We are firm in our belief that the success and operational excellence we bring to our clients result from the solutions we offer, forged through our extensive hands-on experience.


Our approach is simple: we build close relationships with our clients, working collaboratively to identify and achieve tangible, shared goals.


Our team's collective experience, including successes and setbacks, sets us apart. But KATSU goes beyond established businesses. Our founder's journey has led us to embrace the entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially startups. 

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